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Canadian Startup Visa Process Explained For Your Ease

Canadian Startup Visa

Canada is a sanctuary of creative notions and businesses. Creative birds like you are destined to reach this Sanctuary. However, the Visa process is significant for hassle-free immigration. Still stuck with regular Visa categories? Tired of several rejections for your startup ideas? Worry not, for Canada welcomes you with open hands by launching a Canadian Startup Visa. Now embrace your startup dreams in Canada!

Wait, are you asking what a start-up Visa is?

This article is for your enchantment!

Thanks To Startup Trump Card-Startup Visa!

Before going into deeper sections, just know the basics. 

Canada permits your entry with a special visa category ‘Start-up visa’. For this, you should have breathtaking business ideas to conquer global business. The Canadian government gives you this opportunity to create a platform of employment for Canadians.

So it is a win-win situation.

Now stop confusing with eligibility criteria, Let me spill the beans.

Startup Visa-Am I The Right Person?

Definitely, yes. Yes, if you fulfill the following requirements.

a). Qualified Business

A qualified business is not just a business that would bring greater profit. Canada has their way of qualifying. According to it, you must have more than a 10% share of your business and more than 50% voting rights along with your designated organization. 

It is not over yet!

Once your application is approved, make sure to incorporate your business in Canada. Having essential components of business including active management in Canada is Mandatory.

b). Supporting Letter

Your investor, termed as a designated organization must provide a letter of support. Impress your investor with your innovative ideas and get the letter without fail. Because it is one of the documents required during the immigration process

c). Pro In Language!

As for any Visa, language is a crucial factor. You must score at least 5 on the language test. You must prove yourself in reading, speaking and writing in English or French. 

d). Money Matters!

Of course, good money can grant you a better chance of Visa approval for Canada. 

You can’t expect any financial support from the Canadian government.  Be financially independent to support you and your family in Canada.

Your Visa will be approved only if you have the proof of funds or source of money required for your survival in Canada.

Wait, do you want to know how much funds are accepted by the Canadian government? 

Below listed are funds required by Canada to survive in Canada for a year.

No of dependents Amount in dollars($)

For each dependent adding to the list you must have $3,706.

Wait. Searching for age criteria? 

You are ready to apply for the Start-up Visa if you crack the above factors regardless of your age. Now you can explore your business life in Canada with your younger spirits or experienced wisdom.

Now Stop Struggling With The Visa Process!

Application process for the startup Visa for Canada definitely requires a guide. Worry not for I will make it as simple as I can. Follow the below-mentioned process without any deviation.

Wondering what are the required documents?

You have your answers now!

  1. Right of Permanent Residency Fee – You can pay it later, during the time of your permanent residency. However, paying it initially can increase your chances of successful approval.
  2. Biometric fees include the fees for fingerprints and digital photographs. It should be paid before submitting the application
  3. Finally The processing fees for your application.
  4. Submit your application online or by courier.

Hope now you are ready to apply for your startup visa!

Fly For Your Dreams With Shersom!

When your dreams are big, each step should be precise. With the help of an immigration agency like Shersom Immigration Consulting Inc., you can be free of fear of visa rejection. 

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