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Top Ways To Exhibit Proof Of Funds For A Canadian Student Visa

student visa canada proof of funds

If you are someone who wants to pursue a dream career for a better and brighter future and you are thinking of going abroad for higher education. What you need is proper guidance and correct information. This is where Shersom Immigration Inc. can help you navigate the complexities of applying to the University of your choice, give you information on the type of courses available and beneficial for foreign students to study and in your overall visa process. Today we are going to talk about ways to exhibit proof of funds for a Canada student visa. First, let’s start by explaining what is Proof of funds? And why it is essential to have a valid proof of funds before you apply for a visa.

Proof of funds is a tool used to prove your financial stability and that you can take care of your financial needs while are you studying in Canada. This is an essential aspect of visa approval, as the immigration officers want to make sure that you or your legal guardians have sufficient funds to take care of your expenses while you are living in Canada. 

It is important to note that Canadian Immigration officers are only permitted to grant you a student visa if you have financial support for yourselves during the entire length of your course in Canada. 

The different ways in which you can show proof of funds

  1. The most common way to show proof of funds is to show your personal bank account details which have sufficient money to finance your stay and study in Canada. 
  1. You need to show your bank statement and transaction history for the past four months. 
  1. You need to make sure that you submit a scanned and attested copy of your passbook given by your bank. 
  1. If you have someone sponsoring your education and stay in Canada, you need to get a signed and stamped copy of a letter stating the sponsorship and the amount of money they are giving you as part of the sponsorship. They also need to state if they are providing you with basic day-to-day essentials like food shelter and travel.
  1. If you have taken any loan from the bank, you should make sure that relevant documents are submitted to the immigration officers. If you have kept any stocks or bonds as collateral, or as proof of funds that should also be submitted during the visa process.

Looking at the brighter side, here are list of reasons why you should apply for a student visa for Canada:

  1. Canada is home to some of the worlds top research facilities and educational institutions. This means that students have the opportunity to learn from the best.
  2. Canada is known to have a high standard of living, which makes it an attractive prospect for students coming from different parts of the world with different economies.
  3. International students are guaranteed equal rights as the Canadian citizens.
  4. Canada boasts of having universities which are amongst the Top 200 in the world.
  5. The tuition fees in Canada is comparatively lower than compared to the UK and USA. 
  6. Canada also allows students to work for more hours, part time than any other country in the world.


  1. Sufficient funds for tuition, living cost, and airfare.
  2. You should respect and obey Canadian laws, have no criminal record in your home country and in Canada, if required you will be asked to get a police clearance certificate.
  3. You need to make sure that you are medically fit and if asked for it provide a medical clearance certificate.
  4. You should ensure the immigration officer that you will return back to your home country after your student visa has expired.
  5. If you have plans to work part time in Canada. 

As a concluding statement, what we can reiterate again is the importance of having proper proof of funds for your visa application process. Once you have your proof of funds, as an immigration consultant for Canada specializing in student visas, Shersom Immigration Inc. can help you navigate through this complex and tiresome process of getting a student visa for Canada. 

You can be rest assured that we will do our best to make sure that you have the right documents, which will ensure that your student visa will get approved and processed with ease.

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