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Study In Canada From Nigeria: Best Cities & PG Work Permit

Study in Canada from Nigeria

Are you thinking about studying abroad? Canada should be on your radar! The country is known for its top-notch universities, global educational system, culture, and diverse communities. If you’re from Nigeria and want to pursue a career abroad, Canada is an enormous option. In this article, we’ll go through why an individual opts to study in Canada from Nigeria which can lead to success, the best cities for students, and how you can get a work permit after completing your graduation program to revive your career.

In 2024, around 360,000 students from other countries came here for their study, 35% less than the previous year. The Canadian government limits the number of new study permit applications for two years to manage the number of international students. 

Enclose Excellence: Why Study in Canada

1. Immigration Opportunities Await

After you graduate, you might qualify for permanent residency through different immigration programs, which sets you on the path to a bright future in Canada.

2. Work While You Study

Canada’s flexible rules let international students work part-time, helping them become financially independent. With a student work permit, you can gain valuable work experience alongside your studies. Students get a permit to work part-time, up to 20 hours per week on hand study, and full-time during breaks.

3. Cultural Diversity

This is a melting pot of different cultures. Whether you’re in a busy city or a quiet countryside person, you’ll experience a rich tapestry of traditions, making your educational journey truly enriching.

4. Affordable Education

Studying in Canada from Nigeria is affordable. Tuition fees are reasonable, and living costs make higher education on hand to all. If you’re studying, most Canadian schools have courses starting at around CAD 15,000. Plus, for a single student, monthly living expenses without rent are about 880 CAD. 

5. Top Scholarship Possibilities

From merit-based awards to specific program funding, there’s something for everyone. The country is a treasure trove of scholarships, providing financial aid to deserving students. These include; 

6. Enjoy Safety and Security

Safety comes first in Canada. You can relax knowing that Canadian cities are among the safest globally, making it a secure place to study and live.

Best Cities to Study in Canada from Nigeria

a). Vancouver

Vancouver is an ideal spot for students from abroad who love outdoor fun. It sits snugly between mountains and the ocean, offering stunning scenery and city vibes. It’s a great place for Nigerian students, with top-notch schools and a modern outlook. You’ll get a tremendous education here while soaking in the gorgeous views around you.

For housing, expect to pay between CA$1,152 and CA$2,541 per month. Transportation costs average around CA$162 each month. Study cost comes out to about from CA$15,000 to CA$40,000. 

b). Ottawa 

Ottawa is a city where people speak both English and French. But it’s not just that – it’s really diverse, with lots of immigrants and international communities. The University of Ottawa is pretty popular among international students all over the world – 155 countries, to be exact. You’ll find cool places to visit like the Canadian Museum of History. 

Around CAD 1,000 to CAD 2,500 each month for their living costs. Including housing, food, travel, fun activities, phone and internet bills, and other small expenses. 

c). Montreal

Montreal is a city that mixes European vibes with a lively arts scene. Students love it because of its diverse culture and exciting atmosphere. 

It’s a multilingual place, where people speak both English and French. You’ll find two off-note Canadian universities: McGill University and the University of Montreal, offering top-notch education. Plus, there’s always something fun happening around the city! 

d). Toronto 

It’s a welcoming and intelligent city that offers plenty of job opportunities. Toronto is an exciting place for international students to explore and connect with its diverse population and culture. 

Living expenditures in Toronto for international students can be a bit higher, around $30,000 to $50,000 for a year, everything except rent. The University of Toronto, near Queen’s Park, is Canada’s top research universities and is highly regarded worldwide.

e). Calgary

Calgary is a lively city in southern Alberta and ranks as Canada’s fourth-largest city. Its diverse population speaks about 150 different languages. For international students who love skiing, it’s a perfect place to study, being close to the Rocky Mountains.

Although the University of Calgary stands out for its research in sports, veterinary science, archaeology, and physical sciences. It’s the top choice for international students interested in these subjects.

On average, monthly expenses for an international student in Calgary range from $2,489.15 to $2,976.34, including rent, utilities, and other outlay. 

In summary, choosing to study in Canada from Nigeria can lead to many great opportunities. You’ll experience top-notch education, learn about different cultures, and have chances to grow professionally. Canada welcomes Nigerian students warmly and supports them with helpful policies. 

This sets the stage for a promising future. As you begin this exciting journey, keep in mind that Canada offers endless possibilities and the chance to achieve your dreams. Consider reaching out to Shersom Immigration Consulting Inc. for assistance with your immigration plans.

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