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Confidential Policy

All information submitted to SHERSOM IMMIGRATION CONSULTING INC. is held in the strictest confidence. Client information is protected in the highest order and is only used to provide an assessment by our organization to determine eligibility, and to formulate the necessary strategies required to attend to each person’s immigration matter.

We collect information from Individuals when they sign up for our newsletters, fill the assessment forms, call, or email us. Any individual who does not wish to be contacted can opt to not give their information to us through any of the listed communication channels.

Exclusion: A client’s confidential information may be permitted in the following circumstances: where expressly or impliedly authorized by the Client, where compelled by law or legal process or where differences have arisen between a Client and SHERSOM IMMIGRATION CONSULTING INC., and such disclosure is required for SHERSOM IMMIGRATION CONSULTING INC. to defend itself against any allegations, before a court, tribunal or procedure mandated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

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