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Did you receive a refusal to your  immigration application?  Fill out our immigration assessment form today and we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss how we can help.

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|| What Are My Options? Refusal Letter or Email and How to Appeal ||

Every refusal letter or email from IRCC, comes with untold frustration to the applicants. It is important to know what your options are and if you have the option to appeal a refusal.

|| Visa Rejection and Post-Covid 19 era ||

The Covid-19 pandemic caused many countries to close their borders and Canada was not exempted. Non-essential travel was stopped and anyone who applied during the pandemic might have been subjected to a refusal or no response due to backlogs of immigration applications. The Canadian Government under certain structures have opened its borders to accepting International students, foreign workers, permanent residents, and citizens. The processing of Family sponsorship applications are still ongoing if you are within Canada! If you need help re-applying, we can help!

If you receive a refusal letter in the mail or an email from IRCC, do not panic! These options may be applicable to you:

  • Within a certain period after receiving the refusal notification from the IRCC, you may be eligible to appeal your Canadian Immigration Application Refusal to the Federal Court of Canada
  • Within a certain period after receiving the refusal notification, you may be eligible to appeal your Canadian Immigration Application Refusal to the Immigration Adjudication Division (IAD) 
  • After receiving the refusal notification, you may be able to make a request for Restoration to the Case Processing Centre (CPC). 

If eligible, acting quickly after a refusal to your Immigration application is key to obtaining a possible turn-around of the situation to your favor. The appeal deadlines must be adhered to if you want the slightest chance of an approval. Most importantly, contacting  a qualified immigration professional to quickly assess your case and outline your options without delay is the smartest thing to do.

|| Why Did My Canadian Immigration Application Get Refused? ||

Immigration officers review all submitted immigration application and have the full discretion to approve or deny the application, using specific guidelines to make decisions on immigration cases. Applications that do not meet the  standards and criteria set out in the Immigration Regulations and Manuals, most often result in a refusal. However, there are times that these Canadian immigration officers make mistakes in their decisions, usually when they may fail to review all documents and information in the application or in their interpretation of the guidelines  information in an application. If an officer has questions regarding your application, you might be invited for a personal interview.  It is important to take note of the reason for the refusal. It is even more important to respond very quickly once the refusal notification gets to you. Your best shot in dealing with these kind of situations is to seek out a licensed, qualified and experienced Canadian immigration professional. An Immigration appeal should be considered only after understanding the case’s merit.

||How do you know what option is right for you? ||

Knowing the nature of the case will determine what option will be right for you. Some factors to consider include the type of application, the location of submission (within or outside Canada) etc. After examining these factors, the options available maybe to appeal your case, re-apply or get it resolved through the available Governmental offices. As mentioned earlier, there are deadlines to appeal immigration refusals and meeting an immigration professional to assess your immigration case quickly in order to respond on your behalf is key.

Shersom is the perfect place to start your immigration journey.

|| How we can help ||

Assessing your case is the first step towards dealing with a refused immigration application. Fill out our immigration assessment form and we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your eligibility and options. Call us today at +1.416.417.1903 

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